Melissa Eberle Therapist

Melissa has been doing massage for 20 years, she has been certified in the state of Indiana since 2005.  She does all aspects of massage.  She specializes in Cranial Sacral Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Rain Drop Massage Therapy, Prenatal Massage, and Sports Massage.  She has worked under the guidance of a Doctor for many years and prides her self in her knowledge of the anatomy of the human body.  She uses many tools to help her client reach the desired pain free state before their muscular pain.  She incorporates a yoga ball in many of her techniques to help her clients gently stretch those muscles before they are worked on.  

She strives to create the most relaxing and therapeutic massages to give her clients the most optimum results.

If you are seeking a massage that is relaxing, as well as, healing Melissa is the Therapist for you.

She is also certified with Roc Doc for applying Roc Tape for those sports injuries